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Nursery Archives 5 : "C" litter

Nursery Archives 5

This page contains photos from our "C" litter, born June 2, 2008.
The photos are in reverse order, with the most recent at the top.

Going home!
The puppies started going home this week, and will soon all be settled in their new homes.
All but two are going out of town, and most have 8-10 hour trips to go home! So far they have travelled like little troopers!

Baergli Cosmos has gone to to live in St-Lazare  with
André, Stéphanie and Andrée, as well as Berner pals
Balto and Taz, several horses and other 4-legged family.
He will keep his nursery name of Cosmos.

Baergli Caden ("Yarrow") has found a new home with Richard,
Domenica, Laurence and Isabella in Vaudreul-sur-le-Lac.
He will be called Balou at home.

Baergli Cambreia ("Violet") has gone to live with her
new family - Linda, Leland and German Shepherd Luther -
in Massachussets. Here she is ready to leave with mom
Linda (right) and godmother Leah! She will be called Marta.

Baergli Chloe ("Buttercup") has gone to live with her
new family - Natalie, Nathan, Adam and Alex -
in Hudson. She will be called Chloe at home.

Baergli Chalet Brienz ("Willow") is off to Pittsburgh to live
with new family John and Donna, as well as Berner pals
Bergen and Bayley. She will be called Brienz, or Brie, at home.
We hope to see her in the show ring!

Baergli Caeli ("Poppy") left to live in New Jersey
with new family Jessica and Matthew.
She will be called Morigen at home.

Baergli Caber ("Linus") has left for Ontario to live with
half-sister Ali (from our first litter) and uncle Aldur ...
and, of course, Joan and Jim ... oh,  and the Siamese cats!
He will be called Caber at home.

Baergli Ciqala ("Laurel") has left for Ottawa to live with
her new family - Brenda, Steve and human playmates
Rosie (pictured above with dad Steve), Ryan and Renée.
In keeping with the "R" theme of the household,
she will be called Roxy!


Here are some new photos uploaded July 19. The puppies are almost 7 weeks old; they require a lot more exercise and their bouts of sleeping are shorter. They are eating like little piggies!
The most recent photos are at the top, so start at the bottom!

Line up two by two

Now, children, as you are about to enter the big world ....

Follow me, kids!

Picnic on the grass

Catch me if you can!

Let's go stalking ...

Don't take my picture!

Chives! Are they good to eat?

What shall we do next?

Everyone meet at the tree at 3:00

Eeyore is very comfy

Attack of the deaded vaccum ...

A sawdust puppy

No, surveying MY domain

Surveying my domain

Guy trying to videotape the puppies

I can point you in the right direction

Check all this stuff out!

Let's follow the path

Milling puppies

Sleeping by the litter box

A puppy out standing in her field

Walk this way

I love this dogwood bush

Happy, happy, happy!

Great toy


Only 6 can fit

Eeyore pillow pup

Eeyore is good to eat

Comfy sleep

Litterbox boy

Wide-eyed wonder!

Can I take your order please?

Froggy pillows are also good.

Tête à tête

Do not disturb

Good hang out spot


FINALLY, new photos uploaded July 10. Sorry for the delay!
These photos are from this past week and a half, with the most recent at the top, so start at the bottom!

The puppies now have the use of the whole pen.

Very unsure of the use of the litter box!

Cozying up.

Are you looking at me?

Yuck! That didn't taste good.

Come to me, little kibble bit!

Okay, we are good sometimes!

We are having lots of fun.

Aren't I sweet?

What a face!

Lots of activities going on here.

Elmo tastes good.

If I hide behind the ball, maybe they won't notice that I'm sleeping on the water dish!


What shall we do first.

Hi there!

I can see over the top!

What's going on?

I'll be lookout

Hey! There's stuff out there!

Puppy on the grass

It's warm in the sun.

A nice nap in the afternoon

Look at this great ball!

Shhhh! I'm trying to sleep.

What's this yellow thing?

Ooooh! Play time!


Who says I can't sleep in the food dish!

Asleep in the water dish.

Doesn't smell like a puppy!

Heavy metal!

If I could just pull that nose off ...

Aren't we supposed to be in the box?

Rumbling puppies

Gekko .... mmmmmm.

No, don't take my picture!

Come closer ...

I love this toy!

Zebra heaven

Zebra pillow

Little bunny puppies

Asleep under the pig rail - we almost can't fit.

Lots of interaction

Puppy portatit

This is fun!

Lots of fun!

Lots and lots of fun!

Exploring the great outdoors

Creep up closer

What's this thing?

What's over there?

Outside for the first time.

I just need to rest my head!

Puppy gathering

Fast asleep

I love you!

Puppy pinwheel.


New photos uploaded June 28.
These photos are from this past week, with the most recent at the top.
The puppies have started on "real food", are playing and really interacting!

Stop taking pictures! I want to sleep!

Playing with toys is exhausting!

Go away!

On the look out!

Hey, what's up?

Are you talking to me?

Come closer ...

Sleepy baby

A sphinx pose


Puppy face


Did you say something?

Hey, what's out there?

By mid week, the puppies started feeding wiith Anneli standing

After dinner clean-up


Food then sleep. What more can a puupy ask for?

Walking the box

A full tummy


Mmmm ... Pooh feet!

Mmmm ... Pooh ears!

It's soft and chewy.

Hey guys. Check this out!

Who are you?

Puppy play

A mess of puppies

More puppies

Talking puppy

Cuddling together


I'm here!

Wait .. you taste yummy

I love turtle!

Comfy turtle pillow


You taste interesting

A swarm of puppies

Where did everyone go?

Hey, we cornered it!

Learning to stalk

Three week old puppies

An after dinner snooze

Mmmmm .... love this food!

Mmmmm....love this turtle!


New photos uploaded June 20.
These photos are from this past week, with the most recent at the top.
The puppies are starting to interact and play with each other and with us!

Willow at 2.5 weeks

Sleepy puppy

Can I pounce?

Mouth play

Movin' around

Puppy play


What next?

Willow and Linus (back)

Puppy play

Leap frog!

Roll 'em!

Puppy play

Smells interesting ...

What is that?

Cuddly puppy play


More pups

Pups, pups ...

Life is good!

Life is very good!

Anneli is starting to feed the puppies seated. Soon she will be standing.

They have certainly gotten bigger!

Puppies are starting to move around a lot.

Looking for mom!

Buttercup and sibling

This is sooooo comfy!

A very relaxed Yarrow

Heart puppies



Photos June 14, 2008. Puppies are now 12 days old.

If I just take a little bite ...

Smells good!

First there were three ...

Then there were four ...

Four was still comfy ...

Then came five ...

Five was even better ...

I love you ...

Head to head

Sleeping puppy

Scrunchy face!

Life is good

Yes, life is very good!










Linus - male

Poppy - female

Buttercup - female

Cosmos - male

Laurel - female

Yarrow - male

Violet - female

Willow - female

Linus - 1 day old

Poppy - 1 day old

Buttercup - 1 day old

Cosmos - 1 day old

Laurel - 1 day old

Yarrow - 1 day old

Violet - 1 day old

Willow - 1 day old

Puppies June 5

Puppies June 5

Puppies June 5

Puppies June 5

Puppies June 5

Puppies June 5

Puppies June 5

Puppies June 5

Puppies June 6

Puppies June 7

Puppies June 7

Puppies June 8

Puppies June 8


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