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Nursery Archives 4: "B" litter

Nursery Archives 4

These pages contain photos from our "B" litter, born May 2, 2007


Baergli Brubeck (Gus), aka "Leif", at home with his new family ...
Jack, Chloe, and mom and dad Marcy and Josh ... and of course, big brother Leo.


Baergli Briar Lake Piper (Piper), aka "Lavender", left to go to her new home
with Heather and Jake and the four-footed members of the household, Mika and Radar the cat.


Baergli Brock (Henry), aka "Chickory", has left to live the life of a "king"
with Allison and Alex and the other four-footed members of their household, Golden Retriever Winston and two cat friends.

A wet (it rained!!) Baergli Bronwyn (Brenna), aka "Marigold", with big brother Rupert and Gillian;
Winnie and Ru with Gillian and Doug, and with Guy.

"Fun With Mom" (Video: 6 MB); "Active Sleep"(Video: 8.6 MB)
"Eat and Sleep" (Video: 9.5 MB); "Togetherness" (Video: 5 MB)

Puppies May 5

Puppies May 5

Puppy May 5

Puppy May 5

Puppies May 5

Puppies and mom May 5

Puppies May 6

Puppies May 6

Lavender May 6

Lavender May 6

Chickory May 6

A sleepy Chickory May 6

Chickory May 6

Leif May 6

Leif May 6

Marigold May 6

Marigold May 6

Andie meets a puppy for the first time.

Andie meets a second puppy.

Puppy May 7

Puppies May 7

Puppy May 7

Puppy May 7

Puppies May 7

Two pups and a mom paw May 7

Two brothers - Leif and Chickory.

Chickory May 9 (1 week old)

Lavender May 9 (1 week old)

Lavender May 9 (1 week old)

Leif May 9 (1 week old)

Leif May 9 (1 week old)

Marigold May 9 (1 week old)

Marigold May 9 (1 week old)

Puppies May 9

Puppies May 9

Puppies May 10

Puppy and mom May 10

Puppies May 10. See how much they've grown!

Lavender May 15

Chickory May 15

Leif May 15

Marigold May 15

First play May 15

Steppin' out on my own May 15

Chickory, Leif and Lavender May 16

The two brothers - Chickory and Leif May 16

Lavender sitting up for the first time May 16

Mom and pups May 16

Puppies May 16

Puppies May 16. Marigold decided to turn her head at the last minute!

We've discovered the pig rail!

Another pigrail pup.

Puppies May 22

Hey Mom! Look what Marigold can do!

Puppy play May 22

Puppy play May 22

Playtime over. This turtle pillow is sure comfy!

A family portrait May 22

Puppies at 3 weeks - May 23

Waiting for Mom, May 25

It's soft and warm, but it ain't mom! May 25

The mighty zebra hunter! May 25

Hunting zebras is tiring! May 26

Hey gang! Come see what I caught! May 26

Zebra nap time. May 26

Puppy, May 26

At 24 days, the pups are large enough to feed while mom stands, May 26

Discovering outside the box, May 26

Visiting with mom and Andie while the box is being changed, May 26

Playtime, May 27

Puppies, May 27

Puppies, May 27

More platime, May 27

... and more playtime, May 27

Puppies, May 27

Puppy, May 27

Mmmmm! Fingers taste good! May 27

Puppies, May 28

Puppies, May 28

Count the puppies, May 28

Hey, what's out here? May 28

I don't know, let me look too! May 28

Think we can get out? May 28

Pups at 4 weeks, May 30

Discovering toys, June 1

Are we too cute! June 1

What does that camera taste like? June 1

Posing - June 1

Puppies outside for the first time - June 1

Taking a play rest, June 3

Checking out toys, June 3

More sitting, June 3

Can we share? June 3

Cute baby, June 3

Hey, what's here in the corner? June 3

Let's all rumble, June 3

Hey, why are we outside the box? June 3

What do you see in there? June 3

I though we were supposed to be in there, not Guy! June 3

Playtime, June 3

More playtime, June 3

Pinwheel pups. Food is good. June 3

5 weeks old, June 6

5 weeks old, June 6

5 weeks old, June 6

5 weeks old, June 6

Paper training, June 7

Paper training, June 7. Needless to say, they are unsure of the concept!

Paper training, June 7. It certainly makes a good snack!

One cute boy, June 8

... and two cute sisters, June 8

More cute sisters, June 8

If you guys would all move, then I could get this mat out! June 9

It more comfortable to eat lying down. June 9

In the new pen, under the grooming table, June 9

I LOVE these chewy toys. June 9

In the new pen, June 9

Sleeping with toys, June 9

Mom's bone is the bestest! June 9

Practicing stealth tactics outside, June 9

Comfy outside, June 9

Being outside, June 9

What's out there? June 9

Guy, could I have another bickie? June 9

Andie plays with her little brothers and sisters, June 9

Sisters exchanging secrets, June 9

Gossiping around the water cooler, June 10

Guard duty around the new "bathroom" box

It's good to sleep in too!

Just too comfy!

Definitely unclear of the concept!

Waiting at the gate, June 14

Puppy face

Puppy face

Puppy face

Puppy face