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We apologize for not getting new photos up sooner. It's been very hectic around here ... getting ready for the holidays, visitors, and taking care of 8 very demanding little monsters! The puppies are extremely active, eating like little piggies, and bouncing all over the place. Every day they learn something new. And then, in the middle of it all,  they suddenly do a little turnaround dance and fall asleep! They are lots of fun to watch. The largest puppies now weigh 11 1/2 lbs, and the others are catching up quickly. 

The stockings were hung ...

Eeyore and Mr Green

Eeyore and Mr Light Blue

Eeyore and Mr Brown

Eeyore and Miss Pink

Eeyore and Miss Yellow

Eeyore and Miss Red

Eeyore and Mr Orange

Eeyore and Mr Navy

Keys to the crate

Comfy cozy puppies

Can you do this with your tongue?

Caught in the act 1

Caught in the act 2

Green puppy fast asleep

We love head rests

Hi there!


The Light Blue boy

The Green puppy

The Navy puppy

The Navy puppy

Miss Yellow

The Orange boy


Peek-a-boo to you too

Miss Pinky-poo

Miss Red

The sleeping twins

Tag team wrestling

When there's no pig rail ...

The Pink girl

The Yellow girl

Yellow puppy