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Nursery Archives 2


Here are two short videos of the puppies that you might want to see.
If your computer is capable of playing videos (e.g. RealPlayer or QuickTime Player), clicking on the link will open the video.
You can also right-click on the link, select "save target as" and save the video to your computer.

"Hi Grandma" is 4.5 MB

"Pigrail Gymnastics" is 11 MB



Today, Friday Dec 2, the puppies are 3 weeks old. We started them on a bit of yogurt. Enjoy the outcome!

The red puppy loved the yogurt. After some initial finger licking, she dunked her face in the bowl!

The pink puppy was the first to go straight to the yogurt, no coaxing needed.

The pink puppy licking the yogurt off her face.


Puppy faces at 18 days

A sleepy boy.

Another pigrail pup.

Checking out the new toys.

One very comfy puppy

A puppy pyramid - and no, we did not set this up. They did it all themselves!

A Red puppy with a yellow turtle.

Closeup of the Red puppy with the yellow turtle.

Who said walking was easy?!

A bunny and its puppy.

Reach for the top. Miss Yellow goes Mommy-climbing.

Made it over the top!

Sleeping trio.

A graceful dismount off the parallel bars

Aren't we just too cute

Hey, this makes a comfy pillow

But is it good to eat?

Hey, that's my eye!

I'll eat you ...

then you'll eat me ...

then we'll all eat together.

But kisses are good too.

Mr Light Blue

Oops ... acught in the act

Open wide and say aahhh.

Pinned ya.

Playing is fun!


Miss Red

To sleep, perchance to dream

Wake me up when it's time for recess

What's in your mouth?

Euhhh, what's that?

Wrastlin' pups.


Here are some photos from Dec 4-6. The puppies are now eating puppy mush and loving it! They are also a lot more active and interactive, are starting to play with each other and with toys.

A little red queen on her throne

Aren't we just cozy

Can you see anything?

Let's have a little chat

Come on. Don't sleep. Let's play!

Let's play elephant climbing.

Made it to the top. It's pretty crowded up here.

Food wagon wheel

Good to the last drop

Hey, I can see my reflection

I want to see too.

Hey, look over there

Hey guys, there's food out here too.

What's down there?

...7...8...9...10. And the winner is ...

How many puppies can you count?

I love you, mama.

Alright, I've had it with you guys.

If I just lean over a bit more ...

It's bath time

Just hangin' out with the guys

Mom, not in front of everyone!!

More puppy WWF

Mr Elephant keeps my toesies warm

The Orange puppy

Octopus pillow

Please pass the mint sauce

Rabbit tastes good too

Sleeping beauty

Oooh! We ate too much!

What do you think that red thing down there is?

Puppy WWF

WWF Berner style


Here are the pictures of the day. They were too funny not to put up right away.

A new use for the water dish

Mr Orange makes himself most comfortable

He is soon joined by his partner in crime - the Yellow puppy. These two get into a lot of mischief together.

And another use for the baby gate.

We can get our paw through.

Here are the boys at 28 days

And the girls

Mr Brown: butter wouldn't melt in my mouth

Lets check out this new thing

Hold it! Password please!

Boy this line up is long

Can't we just all pile in?

What's this thing? Does it move?

Good toy! Delicious!

I'm sleepy. Don't bother me! (Pink)

Mr Green wakes up

Hey Mom! Here I am!

Mama's here!!!

It wasn't me!

Kisses with Mom.

Let's rumble

Mr Light Blue takes a nap

Look! I fit perfectly!

Mmmmm. Delicious!

Mom and me.

Mr Green

It's MY bracelet!

Mr Navy - caught in the act!

I'm innocent, I tell you!


And more playtime

Shhhh. I'm sleeping.

Hey, what's this?

The little innocents

Mr Light Blue at the gate

It was a tough night

Mr Brown

A pink Barney and a Pink puppy

Pink, Brown, Yellow, and Navy

The Yellow girl