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Meet the Baergli "A" litter, born November 12, 2005.

Started at 5:45 a.m. and finished at 12:00 noon.

Big thanks to Kathy Cummings (Shakeely Kennels) and Janis Bates (Sandhill Standard Poodles) and of course
Eve Menegoz (Sennenhof BMD). We could not have done it without you!


The Baergli "A" litter, just hours old!

Male, first born. 16 oz. Green ribbon.

Puppy #2. Male. 18 oz. Light Blue ribbon.

Puppy #3. Male. 16 oz. Brown ribbon.

Puppy #4. Female. 16 oz. Pink ribbon.

Puppy #5. Female. 17 oz. Yellow ribbon.

Puppy #6. Female. 15 oz. Red ribbon.

Puppy #7. Male. 17 oz. Orange ribbon.

Puppy #8. Male. 16 oz. Dark blue ribbon.

Anneli with puppies. It was a long haul, but she was a trooper!


24 hours later, everyone is doing great and thriving. The puppies have all put on weight. Anneli is being a great mom.

Only 24 hours old and at the bar already! Well, the milk bar, that is!

Best way to feed is on your back.

Green puppy fast asleep after a good meal.

Puppies are constantly moving and twitching while they sleep. These photos were taken just seconds apart.

Sleeping with mom.

The best place to sleep when in the warm basket.

Two wrinkly-faced sisters.


We're three days old already!!!

Three day old puppy faces.

The Green boy - 3 days old.

The Light Blue boy - 3 days old.

The Brown boy - 3 days old.

The Pink girl - 3 days old.

The Yellow girl - 3 days old.

The Red girl - 3 days old.

The Orange boy - 3 days old.

The Dark Blue boy - 3 days old.


Cozy with mom

Life is go-o-ood!



Here we are, we are almost 6 days old!!! We eat, we sleep, we sing.


A mess of sleeping puppies

Don't we look alike?

We knew that pig rail was good for something!

Sleeping circle

The three wriggly sisters

What's on this side?

Huggies with Helen


At 9 days, the puppies eyes are showing as tiny slits, so it won't be long before they are open. They are gaining weight every day; the "fattest" ones weigh 2 lbs 3 oz! They are also lifting themselves up on their little legs and trying to walk! It's amazing!

Green puppy, 9 days old

Light Blue puppy, 9 days old

Brown puppy, 9 days old

Pink puppy, 9 days old

Yellow puppy, 9 days old

Red puppy, 9 days old

Orange puppy, 9 days old

Dark Blue puppy, 9 days old

Contented Red girl

It's too darn hot!

Nice fabric! Where'd you get it?

Sleeps like mom!

Cuddly puppies.

Puppies are now 11 days old, and boy, aren't they bigger. And their eyes are open too!
Puppies feeding at 2 days old (left) and at 11 days old (right). See how much bigger they are! They hardly fit!

Mr. Brown's eyes are just opening.



We're bigger and bigger!

Sleeping cheek to cheek!

Let me tell you a secret!

Mr Green's blaze tapers into a very thin stripe. This will disappear as he gets older.

Wow! I can see!

Sleeping baby.

Feeding time at 11 days

We love these pigrails!

Agility 101