Always in our hearts ...

Born November 12, 2005 - February 29, 2016
CH Sennenhof Beno V Beatus, CD, DD x CH Sennenhof Anneli V Berghaus, CD

We lost Andra at the age of 10,4; she was the last of our "A" litter. She too struggled with neuro-muscular mobility issues.

Andra loved everything - life, people, toys, other dogs .....  She was a very "busy" dog, always investigating. She wanted to be in the middle of everything, and sure let us know about it.

She is now free to run with her mom Anneli, and all her siblings.



October 11, 2003 - April 1, 2014
Sennenhof Hugo x Sennenhof Franzi

Anneli left us after a more than a year of struggle with limited mobility. She gave us a lifetime of love and took us to places in the dog world where we had never been before. She was the first champion we owned, was the mother of our first three litters, our first dog to gain an agility title and our first dog to receive a BMDCC Versatility Award. A sweet girl, she would do anything we asked of her even if she hated doing it. We were truly fortunate to have shared ten and half wonderful years with her.

Thank you to all those who participated in her journey with us, our friends, vets and trainers.

Thank you Kiki, Lydia and Dick for entrusting us with this precious girl.

Most all thank you Anneli for everything. Wait for us in the meadow on this side of the bridge.


July 6, 1995 - February 10, 2006

Smudge was our "old girl". She was an extremely intelligent female German Shepherd. Obedience training Smudge was always a challenge. She learned very quickly. After that, it is a question of whether she "felt" like doing the exercise. She was large, measuring 28" at the shoulder. She was always a very powerful dog and loved to jump. She would fly over solid and broad jumps with space to spare! Smudge introduced us to the world of competitive dog obedience, during which we made many lasting friends. She is greatly missed.