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PLOG - Baergli Puppy Blog - Archive page 3 - May 31-June 15, 2011

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BAERGLI "D" LITTER: May 31- June 15

June 15

We went back to routine today - Guy at the office and Helen catching up on work from home. The puppies spent a quiet day today, except for all the ruckus that they could create themselves. This morning they were full of "piss and vinegar" and were to be heard bouncing and attacking for an hour on end. After all the excitement of going outside yesterday, today must have seemed a bit boring. But it was quite hot and sunny and too warm to take them out. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


The pups are VERY good at helping ... the help sweep the pen, they help direct the broom, they help with the vacuuming, they help clean the litter box, they help take photos (camera straps ... mmm-m-m). Too bad we can't find them jobs that they could actually do!






June 14

Yesterday, Kathy & Tim and Kiki came to visit the pups. Kathy took this lovely photo of Bayberry. In the afternoon, Conrad & Diane came to spend some time.


Now lots to make up for today...and it was a busy one. First, the pups are now 5 weeks old! They are really starting to develop their personalities. They are changing from day to day, and sometimes we see changes between morning and night. They are secure, playful and very loving. And they eat like little piggies - they are already up to 15 cups/day combined!


We set up two tent shelters in the backyard as well as an extra-large pen. Lots of shade. And with our first visitors this morning - Cathy & Karli- the pups got to go out on the grass. LOTS of new things to sniff, pounce on and taste. Puppy lunch was al fresco (with a bit of grass and dirt thrown in for good measure). Then mom came out and gave them a good feed. Eight very contented pups went back into their air-conditioned pen for a good snooze. Then, this afternoon, Lisa & Kevin arrived to visit and the pups got to go outside and play again. Right now (10:00 p.m.) they are fast asleep and all we hear are moans and grunts of contentment.


The litter box seems to be working fairly well. Some pups have latched onto the concept, others not so much. Rosie has decided that the box is good to take toys to. She first brought the puppy nylabone. We took it (and her) out. So she went and got the bunny and got back in the box. We took it (and her) out. So she got the turtle and went back in the box. You guessed it ... we took it (and her) out. So she got the teething keys and went back in again. This time we gave up!




June 13

We will add updates tomorrow - with puppy visits and all, we just haven't had time. Check back tomorrow.


June 12

We actually got to sleep in an extra 15 minutes today! What a luxury! The puppies are quite good - they are quiet during the night, and even though we can hear them at times playing with toys, they do not bark or cry. They got to try dry kibble for the first time. At first they did not know what to do with it. In fact, the first puppy to try actually spat the kibble bit out. But then they started to get the hang of it. And speaking of "hang", the water cooler is still the best place to hang out.


Today the puppies had visits from Wendy, Claude, Taylor & William in the morning and from Sabrina & Jacques in the afternoon.


The pups are very mellow and very little seems to faze them. They are curious about everyone and everything, and especially toes and shoes. We vacuum right next to them and there is no reaction. Many will sleep right through it. They love being held on their backs and having their bellies rubbed. In other words, they are typical Berners.




June 11

Today we set up the pen overhang and hung some toys to pull. The puppies love that. They spent some time outside, getting their nails clipped and enjoying the breeze. Eventually, they all fell asleep, which is a first for outside. Then the puppies had their first "official" visitors - Colleen & Adam drove in from Toronto to meet them. Lots of cuddling for everyone.


They are also getting very pen-wise. They know that if they hang around the door part of the pen, they can see down the hall. They have also discovered that they can stand up and look over the half-door of the pen.




June 10

Another beautiful day, another foray into the great outdoors. This time with a bit more success. Rosie and Clover even got to go down onto the grass. They took it rather bravely and did a bit of exploring. Unfortunately, the camera was inside!


Below you will see the puppies' 30-day photos. Rosie looks a bit "wet" since she had her head in the water bucket and then fell asleep next to it. And have a look at the sleeping pups - they all sleep like their mom!


You will notice that we now have only three girls - unfortunately we lost little Primrose, "Primmy", a week ago. She was born with a partially developed diaphragm and was unable to take nourishment without being in pain. She was a brave little soul and fought hard; she is now in peace and pain-free. This is definitely one of the hardest parts of being a breeder.




June 9

Better day temperature-wise. The puppies got to go outside at 7:00 a.m. while their pen was being cleaned. They are still not too sure about outside but were better than last time. Then, ten minutes after we brought them in, the skies opened and it just poured. Good timing! They were quick active today, playing with toys, pouncing and discovering their teeth even more. Legs and toes and good things to chew on. We took the litter box out today as no one went in it. We put a fleece mat in its place and, presto, everyone is using the fleece mat! We figure they were a bit too young and short for the litter box. Our other litters were 10 days older, so we'll wait and try again in a week or so. Bekka kept trying to steal the turtle toy, and everyone just loved Eeyore!



June 8

A very hot and humid day here - the temperatures hit 34 C (that's about 93 for you Fahrenheiters) - so the puppies stayed indoors in the cool air-conditioning. They are becoming very good eaters. Today they had their first soaked kibble, not mushed and no formula. Great success and a lot easier to clean up, although they did not leave much to clean up. We also set up the "litter" box today. It is filled with untreated pine pellets, the kind that are used for horses, that turn to sawdust when wet. Well, the concept of going there still has to catch on. They are, however, learning that you can't eat the pellets!


These puppies don't seem to be fazed by much. They have had a lot of changes in the last few days and have gone with the flow. That is what we found with Bekka when she arrived from Germany. She came out of the travel crate after a two-day journey as if nothing had happened. The puppies are being introduced to a lot of outside stimuli - the radio (they will be very knowledgeable and have eclectic music taste), the vacuum, the broom. Add that to changing their pen, going outside, solid food, toys, etc. and you have a lot to cope with. And they are passing with flying colours!



June 7

It's hard to believe that the puppies are already four weeks old today! In another four weeks, they will be ready to go to their new homes. Today they got to go outside again - a bit more successful than yesterday's outing. While they were outside, Guy dismantled the whelping box to take to our friend Kathy, a Golden breeder, as she is expecting her litter in a few days. So when the puppies came back in, they had a HUGE open pen to play in. Except, like yesterday, they were so exhausted by their outing outdoors that they just slept.


The "water cooler" in also in now, so they can drink any time they like. We are waiting to see which ones decide that it's the best place to sleep. In our last litter, one puppy could always be found with her head resting on the edge of the water dish and one ear dipped inside. We'll see if any of these guys do the same. Their food is also getting more and more solid as we are starting to cut out the formula and transition them to just wetted kibble.


The pups are also discovering their teeth. They find that, if they bite a littermate hard enough, he or she will squeal! Great game! They also spend quite a bit of time after a meal in communal grooming, picking bits of food off each other.


No new photos today. The batteries in the camera ran out as we took the last picture yesterday (of the puppy peeking around the box below) and we haven't had a chance to pick up more. It's on tomorrow's list of things to do.



June 6

Today, the puppies' world expanded even more ... they went outside for the first time! We set up a pen on the deck with some fake grass matting and a fleece. OMG, you'd think that we were punishing them! The crying that went on! Finally, Guy went into the pen with them and they immediately quieted down (and ate his shoes and shorts and arms and fingers). We also set up a water pail and they took to drinking water quite well. Of course, there's always one puppy who decides that the best and coolest place to sleep is glued to the side of the water bowl. They were only out about 20 minutes, as it was fairly warm here today. We put them back in the big indoor pen and they all stayed exactly where we left them and went fast asleep! Lots of excitement and stress!


The pups are really interacting now, playing with each other, playing with toys. Brave Bud is always one of the first to check new things out. And Rosie spent some time with the "octopus toy", pouncing on it and giving it a good shake.




June 5

More goings on today. Communal meals are going great, as you will see in the photos. The puppies like to eat diagonally and form a pinwheel around the dish. Once dinner is over, they have discovered lots of "other" uses for the dishes. We also set up the large pen as we will soon be taking the whelping box away. So after everything was set up, the puppies had their first opportunity to venture into a larger world. We open the barrier to the box and Guy tried to coax them out. Clover was the only brave soul to venture forth. The others preferred to sleep. When Bekka came in to feed them, they all immediately woke up and followed her around, both in and out of the box, like a little swarm. They like the cool of the floor. And they are now discovering other things - soft stuffies to lie on, the legs of the grooming table, and the rubber mats near the door  (which stop them from hurting themselves as they come out of the box). We also put more toys in the box and they are actually starting to play with them.




June 4

Well, today was quite eventful. The puppies had their first "communal" meal - always good for a laugh and lots of clean-up afterwards! As you will see, they took to it like a fish to water, both figuratively and literally! They dove in with all four paws. For some reason, puppies always feel that the only way to eat is to stand on one side and drape themselves over the dish to eat from the other side. They got absolutely filthy! And the leftovers are always good when you can pick them off your sibling! Then, with very full tummies, they all went into a deep sleep (after some groaning and grunting until they found just the "right" spot to get comfortable). Oh, the silence!!! Later mom came in for a feed - puppies are now feeding standing up. And we will really need to add the last door barrier because they can definitely get over the 8" barrier now.


Developmentally, tails are now wagging when they see something or someone. They are just starting to interact with toys - no real play yet. There's a whole lot of pouncing and gruffing going on. And Coffee discovered that there are other uses for the sheet other than covering the whelping box.




June 3

The life of a puppy ... eat, sleep, gotta pee, play, gotta pee, attack my littermates, lick their faces, sleep, wake up, gotta pee, good it's lunchtime!


Actually, as they get older, they are starting to sleep less and play a lot more. And their teethies are getting sharp. Today we put a new toy into the box - a sheep with multiple pockets containing squeakies. Every time the pups would hear a squeaky (made by human hands), someone would come up and bark and growl at the sheep. We need to bring up more toys tomorrow. Here are some shots from today. Some are a bit blurry as these pups sure move, but you'll get the gist.




June 2

It's 11:30 p.m. and it's been a very long day. The puppies got kibble mush today, much thicker than yesterday's diluted version, and they ate it all up, followed by a long drink. There were lots of contented moans and groans as they settled in to sleep. They are now reacting to more stimuli - their tags wag when they see each other, and when one of us steps into the whelping box, we are immediately surrounded. Feet are especially intriguing. Wonder why?


Thyme is also turning into a real little trouble maker. He too is starting to strut around looking for some sibling to annoy. This evening, it was eating somebody's foot, which did not go over very well.


Oh yes, and their teeth are coming in - most tops but the bottoms are breaking as well. Not too pleasant for mom.


Sorry, but there are no new photos today; we promise to get some tomorrow.


June 1

Today the puppies got their first taste of kibble, mixed with a nice rich formula of milk, yogurt, egg yolk and corn syrup ... mmm-mm-mm! They shove their faces, and paws, into the dish and lap it up with gusto. We need to pull them off periodically so that they can burp. And, boy, do they ever get angry. After eating, we tried to take some individual pictures but they turned out more funny than anything else.


They are also now reacting to noises. When the big dogs bark, all these little heads go up. They are also playing with each other a lot more. Bayberry loves to strut around the whelping box grr-uffing and making little humming noises as he steps over all his sleeping littermates.




May 31

OK, we are starting a new couple of weeks and have moved the old page. Weeks 1-2 and 3-4 are still available from the links at the top or bottom of the page. Puppies are now three weeks old. It is really interesting to watch their development, which is incredibly quick when you think about it. Morning comes and they are still the same and by the afternoon they have developed a whole new set of skills or awareness. Right now they are really discovering each other. We put a couple of toys in the whelping box to see what kind of a reaction we would get - nothing happened. However, let's see what happens in a couple of days. What we have discovered is that the baskets we put the puppies in when we are cleaning the box are not going to hold them much longer. A couple have already lifted themselves out and we're sure that it won't be long before all of them figure it out!





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