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PLOG - Baergli Puppy Blog - Archive page 2 - May 24-30, 2011

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May 30

Puppies are just about 3 weeks old - 20 days to be exact - so we took some portraits. Not at all easy, since they now move. They had all just been fed and were very sleepy, so we figured that it would be a great opportunity to take some pictures ... not!! Some squirmed all over the place, others yawned, and little Primrose just stayed asleep! We also took a video of the puppies mouthing each other - we will try and get it up later today or tomorrow.


Mom on clean-up duty




May 29

Puppies spent a very sleepy day today, which was good for us as it let us catch up with chores. They are getting sillier every day. These days it's "pig-rail discovery days." Have a look ...


So, what is this thing?

Good to rest my head on ...

...and catch a few zzz

We can sleep under it

or really stretch out comfortably

Anneli at the door of the puppy room wanting to come in

Bayberry climbing over mom





May 28

Puppies are starting to interact more and more each day, when they are not sleeping, that is. And they are starting to recognize that we are there. No tail wagging get, but that will come. But they are certainly starting to play with each other, rolling and attacking from behind. And then, suddenly, it's "let me clean your ears for you" or "mmm, your toes smell good" or "gotta nap now".





May 27

Every day brings a new stage in puppy life - today ears started opening. It began with a visit to the whelping box. Suddenly, little heads went up and reacted to the noise of the barrier going "clunk". And then a barking fest began - lots of "gr-gr-gr-uffs" from several of the puppies. It lasted about 10 minutes, with puppies tottering around and woofing. They all reacted to whistling, raising their heads to see where it was coming from. And of course, when the camera is furthest from reach, they all began to play together. We did get some pictures; some are a bit out of focus, but you'll get the gist of them.





May 26

I finally got time to edit some video from the puppies second week. Here is a montage of clips of sleepy puppies: Sleepy Noises (6 Mb). More to come , I hope - Guy


Today was an escapee puppy day. It started with noises at 5:00 a.m. Guy looked around but didn't see anything. Heard noises again. Bekka was sleeping quietly but had somehow "grown" a third hind leg! And there was Sage, who had somehow gotten out of the whelping box and was having a lovely one-on-one breakfast with mom! So the next 4" barrier went into the door. Later in the morning, Miss Rosie almost managed to get herself out of the basket as well as heaving herself to balance on top of the now 8" door barrier (4" from before + the added 4"). We managed to catch her before she fell over, and she was not happy about that!!


The rest of the day was spent hearing puppy moans and groans of contentment as they slept the day away!




May 25

The puppies are getting more and more active and interactive. This afternoon they were left in the capable care of our friend Jane as we attended a "tea" to celebrate Guy's 25 years with McGill (along with other celebrants too, of course).  They kept Jane entertained for several hours. They are starting to do a lot more mouthing. And they sure can move! It's hard to believe the speed at which they can propel those fat bodies!


This is part of the "Mom's here" dance

Follow the leader ...

Compare this picture to the ones from two weeks ago!

Pigs in a basket.



May 24

No ... we did not delete the other page! There was just so much on it that it was getting harder to download, so we moved the first two weeks of puppy life to an archive page, accessible through the link above (there's also one at the bottom of the page). We will do that every two weeks, just to make things easier.


So, puppies are two weeks old today! Time flies! And today there was a lot of interaction between the puppies - mouthing, rolling, everyone talking and trying to walk. They all look very bleary-eyed as they really can't focus yet and we're sure that their eyes are sensitive to the light. Some of these puppies are such tank trucks, it's a small wonder that they can even lift themselves up on their legs!



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