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PLOG - Baergli Puppy Blog - Archive page 1 - May 1-23, 2011

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BAERGLI "D" LITTER: May 1- May 23

May 23

So .. is everyone getting tired of sleeping puppy pictures yet? The pups did spend a very sleepy day. As we were weighing them this afternoon, little Sage, with his barely opened eyes, looked straight at us and started making little "grr-uff" sounds! It was very cute, although we're sure that he couldn't really see much even though he was looking right at us. That'll come by the end of the week. You know that the ears have opened when one of the big dogs barks and all the pups go into alert mode. And in another week, we will start them on their first solid food. That'll make for some great photos.





May 22

A beautiful long weekend here, warm and sunny. Everything is in full bloom. The puppies are now 12 days old and things are certainly getting more interesting. They are all more or less walking around, humming little mindless tunes as they move around - sort of "uh, uh, uh, uh". Eyes are opening slowly. When Bekka goes to feed them, there is a frenzy of squirming puppies as they all try and follow her around (still using most scent as the primary guide). They sound like a cross between kittens meowing and geese cackling. We bought a larger basket to put the pups in when we clean up, but as you will see in the picture, they already don't fit!


Clean-up after lunch

Sleeping between mom's legs


Puppy and Bekka's front leg. They won't be this size for long!

More eyes open

Puppies in new basket - still not big enough!

Miss Lily

Kissy boys

Little feets

A beautiful weekend - our Japanese crab in bloom



May 21

Well, today came and went and the world is still here ... Turning to the more mundane, puppies got their nails clipped again today. They are like little sharp talons and cause discomfort to poor mom. And then they had an afternoon of lots of cuddling. As well, yesterday we managed to take individual photos, so here they are.


Getting our nails clipped - a very comfy puppy

Puppies at Day 10

Happy mom

A feeding frenzy...

...and we're done...






May 20

A landmark day in puppy development - we saw the first eye glints this evening!! Little Lily and Mr Bud are the first to start opening their eyes. Everyone else's should be open by the end of the weekend. We managed to get a photo of Lily, but Bud just wouldn't stay still.


The puppies are getting bigger every day. We put them back in the basket so that we could clean up and change blankets and they hardly fit! Sage was trying to climb out! Compare the picture below to the ones taken on the first days and see the difference.


Too big for the basket

Mom's here ...

They are taking up a lot more space in the whelping box.

Lily showing the first eye glint.



May 19

Sorry, no new photos today ... I (Helen) actually had to work, go figure! I am finishing off the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Canada's 2012 rescue calendar which is used as a fund-raiser. Last year's was very successful, so we are doing another one. So I was on the computer all day working with lovely Berner photos submitted by club members, interspersed with visits into the Nursery to check the babies.


The babies are doing great. Most of them are now trying to lift themselves up on their feet and try a wobbly step or two. They are starting to become more active and vocal. We will try and get it on video this weekend - it's very cute. And it's also time to get the next height door onto the whelping box ... one little girl actually got herself out today! Bekka was in the Nursery with the puppies and Andie was hanging out in the hall peering intently through the gate. She is fascinated by the puppies, but this was more than usual. And sure enough, little Miss Primrose had managed to get herself over the barrier onto the floor and was wandering around the edge of the whelping box!


May 18

It's been another eventful day of eating and sleeping. Several of the pups are now over 2 lbs and the others are catching up fast. A couple are try to push themselves up on their feet to walk (not very successfully, we might add) and it almost looked like some eyes were like little slits instead of closed tight! We should start seeing the first glints by the weekend.


Trying to walk ...



May 17 Need we say more?



May 16

Another exciting day of eating and sleeping ... ahhh, the life of a puppy. Bekka has been keeping the puppies and the whelping box very clean - not a poop in sight! Puppies are all gaining weight. The largest ones could hit 2 lbs tomorrow!


When Bekka is out of the whelping box for a while, the puppies go to sleep. When she comes back she checks each of them out and cleans them which of course wakes them up! Eventually she lies down and they crawl to her and start to feed. Here's a video of the process: "Soup's On" (8.25 Mb).


Here are more photos ...


A comfy puppy

Puppies at 5 days

Little "skunk" boy

Look at those cute little feet!

Mom on clean-up duty

A curled up pup

First there is one ...

... then two ...

... then four!



May 15

Puppies at this stage twitch when they sleep. It's part of their neurological development and something you want to see. It's also cute, especially when they are on their backs.  Here is a short video of that behavior, but to keep the file size down we didn't wait 'til all of them twitched. Don't worry, they all do. "Twitchy" ( 3 Mb).


For everyone who has been asking ...

BOYS                                     GIRLS

Sage (Lt blue)                        Rosie (red)

Coffee (brown)                      Clover (purple)

Thyme (navy)                         Lily (white)

Bayberry (green)                    Primrose (yellow)

Bud (black)


However ... some of the ribbons have already come off as the puppies have easily identifiable marks: Coffee has a "pony tail" - his blaze continues down to his shoulders; Bud has the darkest feet; Rosie has "bobby socks" - the white on her feet goes past the ankles and a small white spot on the back of her neck; Primrose has "ankle socks".


Thyme lost his ribbon this morning, so we will have to figure out something for him or put on a new ribbon. As for the others, they are so similar that the ribbons will stay on for a bit longer.



May 14

Puppies are 4 days old and growing exponentially. The biggest ones hit 1 lb 10oz today! They are really displaying active sleep - twitching while sleeping. It's very cute. We have also discovered that we have a warbler. One of the puppies (and we can't figure out which one yet) makes little warbling noises, a bit like purring.


Here are some photos of the life of a puppy...we eat, we sleep. Have a look at the photo of the puppies in the basket (#4 below), then compare it to the photo on the Nursery page. This basket will not hold them much longer, and that's in just 4 days!!





May 13

Dew claw day. Puppies paid the vet a visit - they were all little troopers. Slept all the way down and all the way back. Then went on a feeding frenzy. They have all gained a bit of weight and look like fat sausages. Here's a video taken after a feeding... "After The Bar" (4.6 MB)


Here are a few more pictures.




May 12

The puppies are now about 48 hrs old and doing great, very strong and active (when they are not asleep!). They are little feeding and pooping machines, crawling over each other to get the best teats or else falling asleep in the most inconvenient places. When they feed, their little tails go straight out and the white tips wag away. They push with their feet (which look like "franken-feet" right now). As I am posting this, Guy is in the process of clipping their little nails - yes, we do start this early. Their nails are very long and sharp and, as they use their paws to knead the teats to promote milk production, they can scratch Bekka's belly.


Below are some photos to enjoy. Click them to see a larger photo. Use your browser's BACK button to return to this page.


To give you a bit of size perspective, the whelping box is 5 feet x 5 feet.

A very tired mom ...



5:00 p.m. OK, these photos are too cute not to share ...



We just saw something very cool - Bekka got into the whelping box to check the puppies post-nail clipping. After checking them out very carefully, she went to lie down but puppies were in the way. So she rolled them around with her muzzle until they were where she wanted them and then lay down. Good momma....


11:00 p.m. Fresh off the video camera ... "Belly Up to the Bar" (6.5 MB)


May 11

8:30 a.m. Welcome to the new guys (and gals) - 5 males and 4 females, all very robust and very hungry. Bekka has taken to being a mom very well, feeding and cleaning. In fact, these will probably be the cleanest puppies ever!


Right now they are all colour-coded by ribbon but the ribbons will be taken off with a day or so as we find ways to identify each puppy.


The puppies all have "Nursery" flower/plant names based on their ribbon colour: Rosie (red), Sage (Lt blue), Coffee (brown), Thyme (navy), Bayberry (green), Clover (purple), Lily (white), Bud (black), Primrose (yellow).


May 10

The puppies are here!! All are doing well. It's been a VERY long day and everyone is exhausted. We will post more news and photos tomorrow.


May 9

Bekka is panting and restless ... and we are waiting and trying to stay awake ... Started watching the new Harry Potter but kept dozing off...


May 8 ... Happy Mother's Day

Bekka is sleeping a lot on the cool kitchen tiles, and eating a lot too. We now have her on 4 meals a day to make it easier for her to digest. She'll need the energy later on.


May 7

Bekka tried to roll over on her back outside, but could only get partially over onto her spine! Too much ballast!


May 6 ... X-ray day

Bekka is as big as a beached whale -  she looks like she has swallowed two huge bowling balls. We took her to the vet for x-rays; everything and everyone is on track for whelping sometime next week ... now we just need to wait on the puppies. Bought a few new puppy toys ... because we ONLY have three huge storage bins full!


May 5

We finished getting the Nursery ready today. The whelping box is now up and we opened storage bins to get out all the whelping supplies. 


May 1

Welcome to our PLOG (aka Puppy Blog), started in anticipation of our "D" litter, due shortly. We will use this PLOG as a diary of the puppies and their development.


Baergli "D" litter - Mount Magic's Interlaken x Bekka vom Oberholzer Forst



Mount  Magic's Interlaken ("Indy")                   Bekka vom Oberholzer Forst


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