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July 19

10:30 Finlay arrived safe and sound, sleeping most of the way home. New photos have been added to the puppy pix at home page.


p.m. Well, the nest is now truly empty - Finlay ("Bud"), complete with his new red collar and dog tag, left today to start his new life with Colleen & Adam (who only just returned from their trip yesterday afternoon and drove to pick him up this morning). Everyone was thrilled, including Finlay who looks like he is smiling in his "going home" picture (check out the Going Home page). He was so tired from all his activity this morning that he is sure to fall fast asleep on his was home. We'll get the report tonight.


July 15

Congratulations to Baergli Aliantha ("Ali"), Andie's littermate, who is the CKC Top Obedience Berner in Canada for 2010 and #10 Obedience dog in the Working Group (the group that Berners belong to)!! The results are tabulated during the year then announced in the following year - they were officially announced today. Kiki's Matt is #3 Berner and cousin Enza, owned by MJ, is tied for #5. Nothing like keeping it all in the family!!


Finlay is becoming a real traveler - yesterday we took all of my equipment back to the office and Finlay came along for the ride and the socialization. When the news got out that he was there, there were LOTS of visitors. I had a meeting and he was good as gold; he curled up on the floor under my chair and fell fast asleep. Only two small pee accidents and he held it in until we left at noon. He then walked up to the car on his leash - it took a bit of coaxing - had a poop and got into the crate to go home. Lunch, then a long nap while we both went back to the office. He will make a very good therapy dog! He will go back with us on Monday, when I'm sure there will be another string of visitors to cuddle him.


There are more puppies at home pix posted (click the link above). Layla has discovered mirrors and there is a great picture of this little bright-eyed girlie checking out "that other puppy".


July 11

Well, we're down to one pup - Finlay is enjoying himself immensely living as one of the big dogs. He loves the cool tiles of the kitchen and is not happy when he is put into the puppy pen. Colleen & Adam will love him - he is very sweet and bright and bounces all over the place. Yesterday he took a trip with us to deliver Edgar to Allison & Alex's. Both pups travelled very well. Once we arrived, they played around with big Berner brother Henry (from our "B" litter) and Golden Retriever brother Winston. Both pups were VERY interested in the cats, who came close enough to tease and check things out but were too fast for the pups.


We have posted photos of some of the pups in their new homes, and will get more of our own photos up as soon as the opportunity presents itself. We also have a bunch of videos which will eventually be posted as well.


July 9

The pups have all gone home, with the exception of Thyme ("Edgar"), who is going to Allison & Alex's tomorrow, and Bud ("Finlay") who will be with us for another week until Colleen & Adam get back from their Balkan cruise. Rosie left this morning. To see photos from going home, click the link above.


Edgar and Finlay are being allowed a bit more freedom - they have had their meals in the kitchen with the big dogs, and were allowed to roam free from the deck to the yard (we did block off all danger points on the deck). Bekka has been out with them and has been enticing them to play by stealing toys and running off. She is also stopping them from eating any fallen apples by taking them away (we think it's really because she wants to eat them herself!). We have a bunch of photos of Bekka playing with the pups that we have taken over the last few days, and we will post them as soon as possible. We will also post any news from new families.


July 6

Well, things are starting to wind down and we are getting the pups ready to leave. Not that they know it. They went out this morning in the nice breeze (which was rather strong at times), ran, played and played with mom. They went out again around 3:00. We had torrential rains here today, so we got them out in between downpours. When they went out, water was dripping from the edge of one of the tents and they all ran under to catch the drips. The ground was damp, and they had a ball getting absolutely filthy. The good thing about Berners is that, once everything dries, it can just be brushed off!


The pups are very smart ... they know when preparations are going on for outside and they all gather at the gate and peer down the hallway trying to see what's going on. Once the door is open, they just high-tail it down the hall - it's like one giant black mass with flashes of white.


New call names for the pups: Rosie will stay as Rosie; Sage will be called Mozart; Coffee will be known as Bentley; Thyme becomes Edgar; Bayberry will be Bachi; Clover's name is still to be decided; Lily will become Layla; and Bud will be called Finaly. We'll let you know their official names as they start going home.




July 5

Happy 8-weeks old, puppies!! And it was a good day too. They got to play outside with mom. Once they figured out that she was not going to feed them, there was a lot of good socialization going on. She led them on a merry chase up and down the yard, then lay down and interacted with them. This is very important in puppy development, as it sets boundaries for what they can and cannot do. As the weather is rather hot and humid here, we can only let them out for short periods when it is a bit cooler and the sun is not direct. They did go out again at 8:45 tonight, but it was hotter than this morning. It's very cute to watch them all run back and forth in the yard. They are getting more confident and explorative, so watch out!!






July 4

Happy 4th to all our American friends and puppies in the US. Hope you had a good day! We just finished watching "The Capitol Fourth" on PBS.


We have been very remiss in keeping our PLOG up to date. Things are just getting busier around here, what with the first puppies leaving for their new homes on Thursday. Today they went for the vet check ups, first vaccinations and microchipping. What little troupers! First, we were all up with the sun. Breakfast by 6:00 a.m., get everything ready (including a bag with towels, baby wipes, baby blankets, extra mats for the crates, extra, extra, extra). Then a run outside, and into the car - a first for the pups. They were great. A little bit of crying, then they settled down. Our vet is 40 minutes away, and not one mess in the crates!


Rosie, Coffee and Bayberry were the first to go in. They were weighed and their temperatures taken (another first!). And while waiting for the vet, they all fell asleep. Our vet examined them all carefully, then gave them their shots and inserted the microchips. Not a peep from any of the pups. They were too busy munching cookies! Back to the crates. Then it was Sage, Thyme, Clover, Lily & Bud's turns. Same thing. They fell asleep. When the vet tried to examine them, they were like gumby puppies on the table. We are happy to report that they are all healthy and that all the boys checked out equipment-wise.


The pups did make a great discovery in the examining room - they discovered the spiral door stop attached to the baseboard. They pounced on it, attacked it, and discovered that, if you biff it, it goes "sproing"! What fun! Puppy families - don't say you weren't warned!!


It was along morning, as the vet had to unexpected and serious emergencies to deal with along with checking out the pups. On the way home, all the 4-legged travelers fell asleep.


We have been trying to get some good pictures of the pups to post, but it has been extremely hot and humid here so they have not been outside. Tomorrow is supposed to be better, so hopefully we will get some new photos. Right now the pups have had their "second supper" and are tussling with each other. All we hear is "arf" then the thunk-thunk-thunk as they bounce across the pen!

July 1

Happy Canada Day! Hope you are all having a relaxing long weekend and enjoying the beautiful weather.


Well, we missed another PLOG day ... this is getting serious! But we have a very good excuse ... as we mentioned before, the pups are very "oral" - they need to taste absolutely everything. Well, their insides did not agree with whatever they tasted outdoors and we spent an entire day "stemming the flow". Poor pups. They were not happy and neither were we. So, needless to say, we were otherwise occupied. The pups went on special food yesterday afternoon and today things are starting to return to normal. We kept them inside but this did not stop them from being total puppies, barking, running around in the pen and playing with each other. Today we had to clean and disinfect the entire pen. Needless to say, we had LOTS of help. And the shop vac did not bother anyone. In fact, Guy used the soft brush to clean up puppies, and they just lay there as if to say "That feels good. Do some more."


Although all the pups help, Thyme is turning out to be Mr Vacuum. He gets all excited when the vacuum comes out and follows it along barking. And, not to be left out, Bud is Mr Broom. He loves to ride the front of the broom and get swept along. Something for their new families to look forward to ;)


BTW, some of the photos are a bit blurred as pups were moving, but you'll get the picture ...





June 29

We missed a day, it's just getting busier and busier and we don't always have time to sit and PLOG. Yesterday the pups turned 7 weeks! Time flies! And today is their 50th day. We will try and get their 50-day photos later and post them tomorrow.


The pups have been having several excursions a day into the big back yard and have now picked up on the clues that tell them we are getting ready to let them out. Smart little puppies. As soon as we start closing doors in the hallway, they immediately all gather at the pen gate waiting to be let out. They now all high-tail it down the hall and onto the deck. Once outside, it's down the ramp, and back up the ramp, and down the ramp, and stop in between and go back up, and lie down on the ramp, then back up and back down. It's actually quite funny to watch them. Once they finally stop "ramping", then it's off to check out if things have changed in the yard since the last time they were out. They have to sample everything. They have discovered the heat pump hangout and are now discovering that there is life on the other side of the fence. They try to peer through the fence slats to see what's out there.


Lynn and Anna, friends from work, came to visit at lunch. We took the pups out and they had a good long frolic. They just came back in from their evening romp, and now, with full tummies, are fast asleep .....





June 27

Well, coming down the hall, through the kitchen and down the ramp is getting a bit easier. Most of the pups have gotten the idea, but there are a couple who are still a bit hesitant. But that too is changing. With Bekka outside with them this morning, they started exploring other areas of the yard, namely around the heat pump. With our last litter (the "C"s), the platform on which the heat pump rests became the hang-out place. When you couldn't find a puppy, it would inevitably be under the heat pump. We'll see if these guys do the same.


Letting the pups run loose outside is a whole different experience. They come running out and, within seconds, everyone is pooping. You have to remember where each went so as to pick everything up. Then, you learn very quickly to count, in this case to 8. You are constantly scanning and counting to make sure that no one found that one opening through the fence or under the deck that you missed barricading. And then there is the issue of getting them all back into the house!


Now that puppy allocation is going on, people are asking about personalities. That is a very hard thing to be definitive about. What we see here in the security of their immediately world and with their littermates is one thing. How they will react to their new environments is another. They are still testing their place in this pack and will test again in their new packs. We have tried to socialize these puppies as much as our schedules will allow (which is quite a lot!). They have visitors if not every day, then every other day. They are all extremely social and friendly, love people interactions, are very sweet butter-will-melt-in-your-mouth one minute and little terrors the next. They are funny and curious and, so far, relatively fearless. Cautious yes, but fearless. They will all be very helpful around the house with sweeping and vacuuming!




June 26

Seeing as we missed a day, we have lots of making up to do. Yesterday the pups spent several hours outside in the pen, having lunch al fresco, napping in the shade and getting drizzled on. In the afternoon, Rosie (the human), Ryan and Renée, along with mom Brenda, came down from Ottawa to visit. They have Roxy (Baergli Ciqala) from our "C" litter. They spent several hours cuddling and playing with the puppies. Play started outside, but suddenly a huge black cloud came overhead and it poured. Everyone grabbed puppies and ran inside. After a huge day of play, the pups were exhausted and slept away for many hours (ahhh, the peace and quiet!), which was a perfect opportunity to weigh them. In the early evening, Donna came over for a puppy fix.


Today, Cathy and David drove up from Vermont to visit and pick out their little girl. As we were many hands, we let the pups out into the "big back yard". We started by blocking closing all the doors down the hallway. Then Guy stood at the kitchen end, we opened the pen gate and called the pups out. Well, you'd think that we had asked them to do the impossible! What a scary hallway! After much coaxing, we finally got them out onto the deck. Now we were faced with the ramp!!! "Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!" Once that was navigated, then the rest was easy. Lots of investigations and taste tests. Now the dilemma was how to get them back to the pen. So we called Bekka out. She no longer has any milk but the pups didn't know that. So everywhere she ran, this little (well, not really little) black swarm followed behind. She started playing with them, jumping over them and running so they would follow. She then lay down under the appropriately named dogwood and all the pups came to play. What a good mom she is!


Guy's mom came to visit in the late afternoon. After supper, we wanted to get the pups out again. This time we had the brainwave to use the food dishes to get them to follow. They react (as some of you witnessed) to the sound of the food dish being struck like a gong. Well, that certainly got most of them outside. A couple still need coaxing. Then they ran, and bounced and leaped all over the yard. Lots of fun to watch but very hard to photograph! We will try and get a video.


Thanks to Brenda and Cathy & David for sharing some of their pictures.




June 24

Happy Fête Nationale (aka St-Jean-Baptiste)! It was rainy today which was great for catching up on naps (theirs and ours). Pups were outside in the 45 minutes between showers (though they did get a bit sprinkled on). We discovered that they can now get over the lower pen barrier, especially when there is an elephant there to give them a boost. We suddenly noticed that the gate to the nursery was open and pups were gathered looking out. Well ... Miss Clover managed to escape and was blissfully exploring other rooms. So, now the upper gate needs to be shut, which the pups certainly don't like. What they do like is helping with the clean-ups.


Why do we go out and buy toys when an empty water bottle, a paper towel roll, the vacuum cleaner, the broom,  Kleenex, a receiving blanket, the metal hinges on the pen, shoes, pant legs, etc (you get the picture) do just as well and are items easily found around the house. It's time to start puppy-proofing your homes!


It's interesting to watch puppy interactions. Today Thyme and Rosie were jockeying to play with the rubber squeaky elephant. They started under the grooming table sharing. Then Thyme stole it away and moved down the pen. Rosie came and lay on top of him and took away the elephant. Then she got distracted and immediately Thyme came in and took it back!



June 23

Puppies were out early this morning as the forecast was for rain. We took a couple of them out into the "bigger" backyard. As you can see, no one is ever happy-the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence! Later in the afternoon, Wendy, Claude, Taylor and Will came to visit again. They were amazed at how much the puppies had grown in the 10 days since they last saw them. The pups were happy to have visitors and romped and entertained everyone with their antics. Then they crashed and went to sleep - except one, of course, who went around stepping on all its siblings.


Vacuuming the pen today was another event of interest to the pups. They got all excited when they saw the vacuum and were surrounding it as soon as it was in the pen. Thyme decided that the air vent on the vacuum was "good" and kept leaping up to lick it, while several like to ride on the front. We'll bring out the shop vac tomorrow and see if they are as brave then...ha!




June 22

Sorry, folks, that we didn't get around to updating this yesterday! With the puppies getting older, they are starting to need a lot more attention and interaction with humans. There is just so much to do that time disappears.


The pups had no visitors today but spent two sessions outdoors, including the last one in the drizzle. Although some of them are no strangers to getting wet. Clover loves the water and can often be found sleeping propped next to the water cooler with both front paws in the water dish! You almost need to wring out her feet! You get her away, dry her off, and one hour later, she's back!


Lily is also a real character. She was standing in the litter box, and two siblings were lying quietly outside playing together. Suddenly she took a bounce right out of the litter box, landed on her siblings and bounced off across the pen - very "Tigger"-like!


Outside, the puppies all bounce and pounce. They are discovering the joys of munching on vegetation. Everything is a new taste experience. And several are showing their mother's preference for clods of vegetation with the roots and dirt attached. And when you go to take it out of their mouths, they just chew faster - just like mom!


Bekka is such a good mother. She is hardly feeding them anymore, but every morning she cries to go to her pups and lets them feed. Very brave girlie ... those puppies have lots of little sharp teeth!!


June 21

The summer solstice and the puppies spent a lovely time outside until the mosquitoes started to get very pesky. They had visitors to play with and water to spill. All in all a wonderful way to celebrate the longest day of the year.


When the pups are out in the outdoor enclosure, we hang a small pail with water in it. They have discovered that, if you go under the pail and push up, the pail will tilt and all the water will spill out on your sibling and on the grass. Then you can lick the grass! What fun!


The pups are definitely getting a lot more active and more interactive. A short 10-20 minute play used to be enough and then they would sleep for a couple of hours. Well.... not any more!!!! Though we do have to give them credit - they still sleep through the night. 



June 20

**NEW** Puppy faces at 40 days ... my, how they've grown!



June 19

Another busy day ... first, we enlarged the outdoor pen (since the yard is not finished being puppy-proofed). The puppies went outside and spent a beautiful 4.5 hours in the cool breeze. They had snacks and lunch outside, and mom came out to give them a little drink. And there were new toys to play with as well. The pups are very funny ... as they get tired, they try and find the "right" place to sleep in the shade. As the sun filled up one side of the pen and the shade started moving to the other side, the puppies insisted on staying on the sunny side in whatever tiny bit of shade there still was along the pen's edge. They kept plastering themselves closer and closer to the grill rather than moving to the other shadier side! It's also getting harder to take pictures - non-active targets are much easier to focus on! Allison and Alex (who own 4-year old Henry from our "B" litter) came to visit the new guys. Then Liz and Devin came down to visit. Lots of socialization for the pups. They will definitely love all people, young and not as young! Right now, the pups, with full tummies, are completely flaked out in the puppy pen fast asleep. All in all, a great Father's Day!




June 18

6:30 a.m. Woke up thinking "oops, didn't put anything on the PLOG last night!" We'll get caught up after we finish all our puppy and dog chores this morning.


8:00 a.m. Puppies are full of energy this morning, bouncing around in the pen. They need to get outside this morning to burn off some energy.


So... here's a question to ponder ... how many uses for a litterbox (other than the obvious) can you come up with?


Take an afternoon nap ...

Bring your toy to a safe place ...

Extreme rumble ...

Have a nosh (on the wood) with a friend ...

Train monkey on the many uses of the litterbox...



Here are a few more photos ...



P.M. Puppies have been out twice today, once in the morning and then in the early evening. They are getting too big for the outdoor pen and really need the whole yard to run around in. We are almost finished puppy-proofing it ...





June 16

Time to start a new page, the other one was getting way to long. Another busy day in the Nursery, starting at 7:00 a.m. with a a 1-hour play outside while the pen was being cleaned. Then in for a long morning nap. We vacuumed up some of the sawdust in the pen. Initially the pups were a bit wary (this is the first time the vacuum has gone into the pen with them in it) but it did not take them long to decide that they could help vacuum too! And then this evening Carole, Joe, Mikayla and Justin came to visit. The puppies entertained everyone by bouncing around the pen acting very cute.


As I moved the photos from this page to the archive page, it was incredible to see the changes in the pups in just two short weeks. At the beginning of the month they were drinking formula out of a little plate. Today they are eating dry kibble (I can hear the crunching as I write). You've come a long way, babies!



To view PLOG & photos of May 1-23, click here.
To view PLOG & photos of May 24-30, click here.
To view PLOG & photos of May 31- June 15, click here.
To view pictures of the pups going home, click here.
To view puppy pix at home, click here.














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